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Mold remediation is provided by our trained service technicians and managed by our certified Indoor Air Quality Specialists.  It is important to hire a mold remediation company that is certified. Proper mold remediation will require a well trained team and specialized equipment to remove the microscopic contaminations in your home or building. 

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Mold Testing and Remediation


Inspection to determine source and

severity of problem. Includes air, swab and tape lift

sampling, borescope and visual inspection, moisture

mapping, thermal imaging, relative humidity check

Particle counting and a full building inspection and analysis.

Step2: Samples are delivered to a lab

where they are analyzed by certified microbiologists.

Lab reports are then emailed to the inspector and

client at which time the development of a remediation

scope of work can begin.

Step3: A detailed report including, source of

problem, severity of problem, recommendations for

remediation, scope of work, repair and associated

costs are then forwarded to the client with a follow

up call to confirm receipt and discuss any questions.

Step4: Remediation begins when a fully

trained and certified remediation team arrives with a

project manager. This team carefully follows the

detailed scope of work included within the report.

Once the remediation project is complete, Mold Aid

performs a quality control clearance test. This test is

to insure that our team completed the project as

well as verification of remediation success. A third

party clearance company may be used upon client


Step5: Issuance of a certified clearance

letter and the one (1 to 5) year warranty paperwork.

It’s recommended that the client schedule a re-test

of the property prior to expiration of the warranty.

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