Mold Clerance Procedures

Indoor Air Quality Professionals

Because of the “toxic mold” issue and the growing concern for acceptable indoor air quality, clearance testing is widely used for mold and bacteria remediation to assure building and homeowners that the remediation has been conducted successfully and the building environment is safe to reoccupy.


There are many approaches to Post-Remediation Verification (PRV) of Mold / Bacteria Remediation Projects. For some of our project (PRV) can become very elaborate, however for the most part we follow these general post remediation verification steps.


· Inspection of work in progress

· Inspection for visible contamination, post remediation .

· Inspection confirming the correction of the water source.

· Air Sampling and/or Surface Sampling and/or particle counting.

· Mold Odor Abatement Confirmation

· Chemical Odor Abatement Confirmation

· Inspection for cross contamination outside the work areas. 

· Review post sampling laboratory results.


We provide clearance testing services in VA, MD and DC.  Please call 877-932-7177


Our clearance procedures vary on remediation projects. For a clearance procedure recommendation please call to discuss your case or forward a certified scope of work of your remediation to our office for review.


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